We’re baaaaaack!

Hello, slutfriends! It has been FAR too long. We had a glorious New Year’s Eve show to ring in 2020 and then BAM, a fuckin’ pandemic! So naturally we’ve been laying low since then, trying our best to get through this beautiful but crumbling world of ours as best we can, showing up for each other, eating a lot of bread, etc.

We are very thrilled and moist to announce, however, that your favorite Damsels will be making our triumphant return to the LIVE STAGE in 2023 with TWO, count ’em TWO shows! And like the sluts we are, they’ll each be in a different city, to accommodate our slutfriends in different parts of the country (sorry west coast, we’ll get back to you ASAP, too):

  • Saturday, April 1, we’ll be at GOLD SOUNDS in BROOKLYN, NYC with our friends The Manimals and MONTE for a rip-roarin’ queer-as-fuck show starting around 8 p.m. Cover $ TBD.
  • Saturday, May 6, we’ll return to our home at the CRYSTAL CORNER BAR in MADISON, WI for what’s sure to be just a ridiculously fun time with our soulmates, Venus in Furs, and also MONTE will be making the trip to join us, too! This one also starts around 8pm and will set you back a measly $15.

There will be snacks and mayhem and gay ol’ times! We hope to see your butts at one or the other (or both?!). There may even be a new cover song or two that we’ll be Trashifying, but certainly expect all the old favorites!

Missed you,

-Em & Meg

Wasted $ Broke in New York City

GREAT news, slutfriends! We’ll be making our NYC debut on August 14 at Alphaville in Brooklyn. Details to come, but if you’re in the area, be sure to come by and help us melt faces in the Big Fuckin’ Apple.

Meanwhile, our new album Wasted $ Broke is totes available for the pleasure of your ear holes. Get into it: BANDCAMP | CD BABY | ITUNES | and here’s a review


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Our Trashy Times

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We’re pleased as pickles to announce the arrival of The Trashy Times, a ridiculously easy newsletter service that will bring you all of the most up-to-date gig and tour info, album updates, new songs, trashy goodies, and whatever else we deem relevant for your faces.

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