What’s Inside Your Butthole


Our pandemic-era single/cover, with bonus music video!

The EPP Tape

Bandcamp | iTunes

Our third full-length album, released in 2019.

Live & Unplugged: The Wine Drunk Sessions


Join Meg, Em, and an audience of drunken slutfriends for this rollicking, unplugged journey through DT’s repertoire. Features a bonus opening set by our own parody act, Tramsel Dash (Jenna and Shannon).

Wasted $ Broke

Bandcamp | iTunes | CD Baby |


What the fuckin’ critics are saying: “There are no punches pulled and no corners cut when it comes to Damsel Trash. There is no settling for paths that have been paved before them. They are their own people and undoubtedly talented, which is more than apparent on Wasted $ Broke. What should be understood more than anything else after hearing what Rose and Mills have created is that these two are some badass bitches that are blowing the doors right off of the punk-rock community. Fear them. Adore them. Listen to them. Learn from them. Because this is where punk-rock is headed and it is refreshing to see bands like Damsel Trash lead the way forward.” – Joe Witthaus for Local Sounds Magazine

Soup for Sluts

Our debut album, “Soup for Sluts,” was released on Aug. 15, 2014 and is available on Bandcamp (below), CD Baby, and iTunes, as well as several streaming services, yo. It’s an AURAL ASSAULT:

Music Videos!

Damsel Trash – Sex on 8 Wheels from Emily Mills on Vimeo.

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